Butterfly Melita Yvonne Dyason


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From illness to wellness

Beautiful Coloured Bubbles

The beautiful coloured bubbles on my webpages have a significant meaning to me.

I equate them to life - full of colour, varying in shades. Rising, so light and fluffy. Large and small alike, they represent all that we experience during our life's journey. Some colours may represent hardships - the challenges and lessons that we may experience for our souls' growth, other colours are our rewards, for a job well done!

Lets endeavour to see them as the trials, beauty and gifts achieved in our lives. This understanding, could make our life more meaningful.

What is Health?

There are many definitions of “health”, all of which are an effort to objectify, to describe what is so complex, that it is difficult to capture it with words alone.

Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, holistic health considers the whole person and how it interacts with its environment. It emphasizes the connection of body, mind, and spirit.

Holistic Health is based on the law of nature that a whole is made up of interdependent parts. The earth is made up of systems, such as air, land, water, plants and animals. If life is to be sustained they cannot be separated, for what is happening to one is also felt by all the other systems. In the same way, an individual is whole, composed of interdependent parts, which are:

-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual -

When one part is not working at its best, it will impact on all other parts of that person. Further, this whole person, including all other parts, is consistently interacting with everything in the surrounding environment.


Illness to Wellness
Ill to Well
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