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Patients' Testimonials

Dear Dr Dyason

My daughter, Kayla Coetzer, consulted Dr Dyason about 9 years ago when she was 3 years old. We battled with her health and she lived on antibiotics before consulting Dr Dyason. Since Dr Dyason put her on the ISO course she has subsequently been quite healthy the past 9 years and only had a slight cold once in a blue moon. Thank you very much doctor Dyason for your knowledge and expertise. A higher praise and appreciation to our Lord for blessing you with this knowledge.


Dear Dr. Dyason

I heard you have had a knee operation. Hope you are recovering well.
I am about 60% better than I was. I am on the 4th bottle and will come and see you when all are finished. My knee ahd hip joints are not nearly as sore as they were and I am able to do gardening now and tennis. It is a bit sore the next day but hoping that as I finish the bottles it will keep improving. My life is much better because I am not in pain all day.

I was very impressed when your medicine fixed up my strep throat in Nov/Dec. No problem since.

I still seem to have slight dull joint pain in my left elbow and very sharp short pains in my middle finger on the left hand.(about 4 times a day)I can put up with this because it is of a short duration.

I will phone when I am nearing the end of my medicine for an appointment to see you.

Take care and best wishes in your recovery



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I have finished all my medication now. The pain in my neck/jaw has gone as has the shoulder pain. I haven’t had any further vertigo episodes either.

I am not sure what was in the medication but my hot flushes disappeared only to return now that the medication has finished and they seem much worse – more like a cold sweat.

Apart from that I am feeling very well.


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Dear Doc

Hope that you are doing well

Thank you for seeing me last week I am already starting to feel much better thank you for that.

As promised I have scanned the insert of the Growth Horme through to you. Can you kindly please do some research and tell me if this will intervere with Isotherapy as I would like to use both the medicines in combination if possible.

I have also given your card to one of my friends Bronwyn who will hopefully bring her child through to you who suffers terribly with allergies as well. I have told her about my success story and how you have given me a new lease of life with my allergies.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Kind Regards



Hello Dr Dyason

With the pace of life being so fast it's easy to forget to say thank you. The gentle voice of God reminded me of you this morning, and your kindness. I just wanted to say a heart felt Thank You for the time that you took to speak to me over the phone and help me when I was going through a difficult time. I appreciate your kindness.

And a special thanks to Lynette for her wonderful spirit and for always being so helpful and kind whenever I called your rooms or picked up meds

May God Bless you richly, may He give you many more years of divine health, soundness of mind, protection and joyful peaceful living.

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the Fellowship of The Holy Spirit be with you in increasing measure.

My mum also sends her regards.

Love best wishes


May 2013

Dear Dr Dyason,

We just want to thank you again for all your help and for giving so freely of your time. Your advice was very motivating to us. After yesterdays meeting we feel that we have for the first time in many years met a real Homoeopath.

We look forward to more of your inspiring words.

Kind regards:

Vimla & Hesh